Monday, March 28, 2011

Lotus Notes 8: Type mismatch on external name: UIMEMODOCUMENT, Variant does not contain an object

Open je Local mail/ Local .Nsf keluar error macam ni, Ini kerana ada Domino Upgrade Activity, iaya berlaku dimana Domino Version 6 or Older is upgrade to Domino version 7 or later atau sebagainya. Ianya annoying untuk view local mail atau Local .Nsf kita

Jika berlaku error seperti ini, jagan la risau, dont worry just replace new design je..

Navigate pada Local Mail/ Local .Nsf

Right Click Pada Local Mail/ Local .Nsf

Select Application / Database

Click Replace Design

**If no Application / Database appear just click View and Click Advanced Menu

Locate on Your mail Server

Find New Mail design (based on Domino Upgrade version)

Replace with new design by Click Replace

Lepas tu boleh la Open Local mail/ local .Nsf as usual

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